Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX


Supported Fiat Currencies and Jurisdictions for Visa/MasterCard Purchase?

Supported card types and jurisdictions:
  • Visa card is acceptable for cardholders in New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Brazil as well as most European countries and Australia.
  • MasterCard is acceptable for cardholders in the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands Spain, and Gibraltar for now, and will have more countries in the near future.

Supported fiat currencies:

Supported cryptocurrencies:

The Minimum Maximum Trading Amount for Buying Crypto with Credit/Debit Card?

The minimum maximum trading amount differs according to your verification status and tiers.

Minimum trading amount per order

Maximum trading amount per order

Maximum trading amount per month

Maximum trading amount in total






Basic verification completed

10 EUR

500 EUR

3,000 EUR


Verification tier 2 completed

10 EUR

1,000 EUR

3,000 EUR

100,000 EUR

Verification tier 3 completed

10 EUR

10,000 EUR

30,000 EUR

100,000 EUR

How to Complete ID Verification for Buying Crypto with Credit/Debit Card?

Since the buying crypto with credit/debit card service is provided by HTX Technology (Gibraltar) Co., Ltd (“HTX Gibraltar”), which is a regulated firm by Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (“GFSC”) with license number 24790, users who want to use this service are required to complete the following basic verification of HTX Gibraltar, and extra verifications may be required based on your purchase limits or other HTX Gibraltar’s compliance requirements.

Verification tier 1:

Step 1: On the Quick Buy/Sell page, choose the type of fiat currency and the cryptocurrency you want to buy from us, input the trading amount, and choose Card Payment as the payment method. Click the “Buy” button, you will see the price provided by “HTX” on the next page. If you have not completed any verification tiers yet, you will see the “Go to verification” button, please click it to complete the required verifications.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Step 2: Please input your current residential address and tick the box to accept the Term of Use and Privacy Policy if you want to continue to use our service
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Step 3: Please upload your ID documents and complete facial recognition to complete the Identity Verification.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Once you complete the verification above, you will be able to trade up to 500 EUR per order, 1,000 EUR per day, 3,000 EUR per month, and 10,000 EUR in total.

Verification tier 2:

For verification tier 2, you will need to fill in and submit the following information, and you will be able to trade up to 5,000 EUR per order, 20,000 EUR per month, and 40,000 EUR in total:
  • Purpose of trading
  • Expected trading volumes per day/per month
  • Source of funds
  • Monthly income size
  • Employment status
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Verification tier 3

For verification tier 3, you will need to upload and submit the following proofs. Once you complete this verification tier, you will be able to trade up to 2,000 EUR per order, 5,000 EUR per day, 10,000 EUR per month, and 24,000 EUR per year, which will be subject to the accumulated trade limits based on your source of funds proof. It might take up to 3 business days to complete verification tier 3.
  • Proof of residential address
  • Proof of source of funds
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX

What is the difference between the Quick Buy/Sell and the P2P Market?

Quick Buy/Sell: The system will automatically suggest the ads with the best price upon typing the trading amount and payment method. P2P Market: You can place an order by choosing the ads based on your demand.

What Is the Security Deposit for an advertiser? When Will It Be Unfrozen?

To become a verified-advertiser, you are required to freeze 5000 HT in your OTC account as a security deposit. The frozen security deposit will not be allowed to be withdrawn or traded.

Unfreeze Security Deposit:

When you cancel your certification, the deposit will be unfrozen automatically and returned to your account.


Why does the trigger order fail due to price limit?

Hello, trigger order may fail to be placed due to price limit, position limit, lack of margin, contracts in not-allowed-trading-status, network issues, system issues, etc. Therefore, to avoid trigger order failure due to price limit mechanism, it’s highly suggested not to pre-set the trigger price too close to the limit price.

What is cross margin mode?

Cross-margin mode is available in HTX Futures: the same digital currency asset of your account will be used as margin of all the open positions of that digital currency.

For example, if you open one position of BTC contracts, then all the BTC in your account will be the margin of that position, and if you open several positions of BTC contracts, then all the BTC in your account will be the margin shared by these open positions. The profits and losses of positions of one digital currency can be mutually offset.

Why cant I open positions?

You may not open positions under the below situations:

1. Available margin is not enough to open positions, cause we have the minimum amount requirements when open positions.
2. The order price is out of the range of price limits.
3. The amount exceeds the upper limit of single orders.
4. The number of positions exceed the upper limit for an individual investor.
5. Positions may only be closed within 10 min before settlement.
6. The positions are taken over by system.

Why are there limits for order price and quantities?

In order to avoid risk and protect users, we take some measures, such as restricting the prices and quantities of orders.

If the limits are triggered, you can only close positions. Please refer to help centre for details. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Does contract account support cash withdrawals?

Contract account does not support cash withdrawal currently. Wed like to suggest transferring assets via Exchange account.

Why does the number of positions that I can open change with market price?

Available Margin changes with the latest market price. And the formula is shown as below:

Position margin =(Contract value *Number of position contracts)/Latest transaction price/leverage

Number of position contracts = Position margin * Latest transaction price * leverage / Contract value

Does HTX Futures support Point Card deduction?

HTX Futures does not support Point Card deduction right now. Please note that we will issue an announcement if there are any updates on Point Card deduction.


What is a Fund Password? What Should I Do if I Forget?

What is a Fund Password?

The fund password is the password that you need to fill in when you create advertisements or sell cryptos on HTX P2P. Please save it carefully.

What Should I Do if I Forget?

  1. Click on the avatar at the top right of the page and select "Account Security".
  2. Scroll down until you see the “Security Password Management” and “Fund Password”, then click “Reset”.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX

  1. The first digit of the fund password must be a letter, 8-32 digits in length, and cannot be repeated with the login password.
  2. Within 24 hours after changing the fund password, the transfer and withdrawal functions are temporarily unavailable.

Why Do I Receive Usdt when I Buy/sell Bch on HTX P2P

The service of buying/selling BCH is divided into the following steps:

1. When users buy BCH:
  • The third-party liquid team buys USDT from the advertiser
  • The third-party liquid team converts USDT to BCH
2. When users sell BCH:
  • The third-party liquid team converts BCH to USDT
  • The third-party liquid team sells USDT to advertisers

Due to the large fluctuations in the price of crypto, the validity period of the quotation is 20 minutes (the time from order placement to crypto release must be controlled within 20 minutes).

Therefore, if the order is not completed in more than 20 minutes, you will receive USDT directly. The USDT can be sold at HTX P2P or exchanged for other cryptos at HTX Spot.

The above explanation applies to buying/selling BCH/ETC/BSV/DASH/HPT on HTX P2P.

How Long Will the USD I Withdraw Be Completed

Your withdrawal request needs review manually. It will be completed within 1 hour after the withdrawal is initiated.

STCOINS Bank Transfer Processing will be executed in real time after the review is completed.

The time the bank receives the account depends on the transfer processing time between banks.

At present, there are three channels of replenishment and withdrawal: SWIFT, ABA and SEN.

  • SWIFT: Mainly used for international bank remittances with high handling fees
  • ABA: Mainly used for bank remittances in the United States.
  • SEN: For Silvergate bank user remittances, faster arrival.

Among them, SWIFT and ABA are unified merged and displayed under WIRE type.

You can consult with STCOINS customer service to check the status of your withdrawal.

When you initiate the withdrawal consultation to the customer service. Please provide the email address of STCOINS account, user UID (through STCOINS website, you can see in the "Personal Center" - "Account Security" menu) and the time and amount of the order to be asked (at the bottom of the "USD Discount" page on STCOINS website, you can see a screenshot).

How Long Will the RUB I Withdraw Be Completed

  • In general, the withdrawn RUB will be credited to your AdvCash account within seconds.
  • If your withdrawal request needs review manually, it will be completed within 24 hours after the withdrawal is initiated.
  • If the RUB is not credited to your AdvCash account within 24 hours, the withdrawal might be failed. Please refer to the order history (You can see the RUB Withdrawal History under the withdrawal page) to see the failure reason, and make another withdrawal.

How to link your AdvCash Account to Withdraw RUB

If you have completed depositing before, then your AdvCash account has already been linked successfully during the depositing process. You don’t have to link your account again for withdrawal.

If you have not accomplished any depositing or linked your AdvCash account yet, please complete KYC verification first(see how to complete KYC verification, please click 3.3.2 How to Complete KYC Verification for Depositing and Withdrawing RUB Balance?).
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
After completing KYC verification, go back to the withdrawal page. Choose “AdvCash Balance” as the payment method. If you have not linked your AdvCash account before, click “add AdvCash Balance Account”.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Provide the required information by AdvCash (Name and account information), then click “Confirm”.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in HTX
Now your AdvCash account is successfully linked. You can complete your withdrawal.

Thank you for rating.